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The ONLY Proactive Wellness Solution in Education

About TeacherFit

TeacherFit exists to partner with school districts, schools, and individual educators to provide PROACTIVE wellness and fitness solutions to give educators the ability to take care of themselves during the school year.

Our mission is to impact the health and wellness of educators in order to allow them to be their best for their students and in turn impact them to their greatest ability.

We are here as your partner in the fight against poor health, burnout, and workplace absenteeism.


What does our program include?

TeacherFit Mental Health

Our newest program and possibly our most important. We will be publishing weekly mindfulness routines including meditations, breathing practices, and mental health messages.


These programs, like our other programs, will be accessible through our app and private online community group.

TeacherFit Workouts
The benefits of high-intensity functional movement are endless, not to mention sometimes you just need to sweat. 
Our online fitness classes feature 5 new classes each week combining bodyweight, dumbbell, and kettlebell movements designed to build muscle, burn fat, and increase metabolic capacity. Every class features a movement demonstration, recommended alternatives, warm-up, and a cool-down stretch. 
TeacherFit Yoga
Research shows that a consistent practice of yoga impacts physical and mental wellness. 
Our online yoga program features 2 new classes each week and our 30 min classes are designed to reach all levels from the experienced practitioner to beginner. Classes are easy to follow and can be done at home alone or at school with a group of supportive colleagues.
Wellness Seminars - Online or In Person
We love nothing more than sharing our message of proactive educator wellness. Contact us below to schedule a discovery call to plan and coordinate your TeacherFit Wellness Seminar.
We can work with you live via video conference or come to you in person, lead your staff through a workout and finish with our wellness message. We work with you to meet your needs and impact your staff.
We believe that nutrition is #1 ingredient to any good health and wellness program. ​That is why we provide the tools and coaching to educate and assist our educators in developing a nutritional lifestyle that meets their needs in and out of the classroom.
Our program includes our 6-week nutritional education series conducted each quarter, group coaching 365 days a year, weekly recipes, and useful tools to set you up for success.